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Dear Grownups

I think the thing I was most disinterested in when growing up was the conversation topics. I have a dread fascination with aging but mostly revolving around the physical breaking down of the body. That sounds much creepier than I intended. What I mean is over time the change our bodies take on is really fascinating to me. Hands for instance, it's incredible to me to look at my baby nieces tiny three month old fingers and hands. Then to look at my dads weather worn, hands of a carpenter, the incredible difference between these two fascinates me to no end. I'm glad I could clarify that, I feel much better.

I was sitting on a couch a few weeks ago listening as two people my age were discussing the probable purchase of a couch. This wasn't the couch we were sitting on. The conversation lingered around 10 minutes of length and I had to excuse myself, yes I too was blown away that I lasted that long. I've never been one for discussing couches, appliances or anything of the l…

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