Dear Grownups

I think the thing I was most disinterested in when growing up was the conversation topics. I have a dread fascination with aging but mostly revolving around the physical breaking down of the body. That sounds much creepier than I intended. What I mean is over time the change our bodies take on is really fascinating to me. Hands for instance, it's incredible to me to look at my baby nieces tiny three month old fingers and hands. Then to look at my dads weather worn, hands of a carpenter, the incredible difference between these two fascinates me to no end. I'm glad I could clarify that, I feel much better.

I was sitting on a couch a few weeks ago listening as two people my age were discussing the probable purchase of a couch. This wasn't the couch we were sitting on. The conversation lingered around 10 minutes of length and I had to excuse myself, yes I too was blown away that I lasted that long. I've never been one for discussing couches, appliances or anything of the like. They serve a very integral part in increasing the quality of our lives and I'm extremely grateful for them, however they don't belong in conversations, at least not party conversations or any conversation that I'm a part of. I must admit that for others, I'm not sure who, this could be a really fascinating topic. But for me, nothing and I mean nothing, well there's probably something, could be less interesting.

Why is it that as we get older and more "mature" we somehow become incredibly boring? I don't think I've ever heard a teenager or middle school student discussing the new couch their mom may or may not purchase. Then we look down on them for having immature habits and fantasizing about stardom or some obscure dream. In writing this it seems to me that as we get older we become less full of dreams, we allow reality to dictate our existence and therefore our heads are alarmingly well adjusted, down to earth and very practical. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I should state that if I'm annoying or pissing anyone off, I'm truly very sorry but this is something that really matters to me. I'm shooting a bit from the hip here and due to a lump sum of life events I really feel like ranting. If I haven't done so already, I really encourage you to unfollow me @fullframefotos, if  and when you've forgotten my insta handle.

Maybe I'm not internalizing this problem enough. Maybe the real problem is that I'm to boring and or introverted to find a community that shares the same values as me. Is anyone else out there disturbed by conversations over furniture or appliances? Does anyone else think, what is the point?

You may be asking yourself what kinds of things I would rather be talking about. Well here you go. I've taken the lyrics of "Escape" the Pina Colada song by Rupert Holmes and inserted my own lyrics. I hope you enjoy! This is not lyrical at all :(

I was tired of my sofa, we´d been Netflixing too long
Like a worn-out hiking boot, or a favorite thong (sandals)
So while the internet was lapsing, I read some literature in bed
And in Desert Solitaire, there was this passage I read

"If you like nihilist outdoor authors, and getting caught in the rain
If you´re into midnight jaunts, if you have half a six pack of beer
If you like making love at 8am, in the comfort of a tent
I´m the love that you´ve looked for, DM me, and we'll road trip"

I didn´t think about furniture, or even a suitcase
But me and domesticated life, had fallen into a humdrum existence
So I wrote to the masses, took out a personal blog
And though I´m nobody´s favorite, I thought it got a like or two

"Yes, I like nihilist authors, and making sweet love in a tent
I´m super into health food, I also adore backpacker meals
I´ve got to meet you sometime this month, maybe in a week or two
At an online place called gmail, where we´ll introduce ourselves"

So I waited quite a while, I'm a busy guy and so are you
I knew her aroma in an instant, she just completed a through hike
It was a strange introduction, and she said, "This is kinda weird"
we laughed longer than was necessary, and I said, "Want a beer"

"I like that you like nihilist outdoor authors, and getting caught in the rain
the feel of arctic climates, and the taste of caffeine
If you like learning foreign curse words, in the comfort of a dive bar
I'm the love that you've looked for, DM me, and we'll road trip"

"If you like nihilist outdoor authors, and getting caught in the rain
If you´re into protecting the environment, if you have any interest in composting
If you like making love at any time of day, in the comfort of a tent or even in a bay
I´m the love that you´ve looked for, DM me, and we'll road trip"

I must admit that arctic climates, making love in the comfort of a tent, the smell of a recently departed through hiker, the taste of caffeine, backpacker meals, beer, the environment, composting, foreign curse words, dive bars and such things aren't everyones cup of tea, to me they're far more interesting than couches. 



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